January Music Lineup

Wednesday 1st NYD
3pm – Joel James
6.30pm – Nicky Kurta
9.30pm – Travis McCarthy

Thursday 2nd
9pm - The Bad Penguins

Friday 3rd
9.30pm - Josh NeuMark & Joel James

Saturday 4th
9.30pm - Rhythm Kitchen

Sunday 5th
6pm - Petey McKernan
9.30pm - Dylan Brickley

Monday 6th 
8:30pm - Dara Hession

Tuesday 7th

Wednesday 8th
8.30pm - Travis McCarthy

Thursday 9th
9pm - The Bad Penguins

Friday 10th
9.30pm - The TJ Show

Saturday 11th
9.30pm - No Strings Attached

Sunday 12th
6pm - Whiskey Gypsies
9.30pm - Dylan Brickley

Monday 13th
8.30pm - John Lillis

Wednesday 15th
8.30pm - King Louie


Thursday 16th
8.30pm - the Bad Penguins

Friday 17th
9.30pm - Zeon

Saturday 18th
9.30pm - King Louie & John Kendall Duo

Sunday 19th 6pm
9.30pm - The two Celts
9.30pm - John Lillis

Monday 20th
8.30pm Nicky Kurta

Wednesday 22nd
8.30pm - King Louie

Thursday 23rd
9pm - the Bad Penguins

Friday 24th
9.30pm - Luke Joseph Duo

Saturday 25th
9.30pm - the Late Shift

Sunday 26th Australia Day
3pm - Nicky Kurta
6pm - Rhythm Kitchen
9pm - Joel James

Monday 27th
6pm - John Lillis
9pm - Travis McCarthy

Wednesday 29th
8.30pm - Joel James

Thursday 30th
9pm - The Bad Penguins