Chips & Sides

CURRY CHIPS -  Hot chips ladled with thick McDonnell's curry sauce. Add Cheese $1 $13

TACO CHIPS -  Hot chips with with homemade taco sauce, fiery beef chilli and melted cheese.  $14


GARLIC CHEESE CHIPS - Hot chops with garlic aioli and melted cheese. Add Bacon $2 $14

JIMMY'S SHARED PLATTER BBQ -  chicken wings, beer battered onion rings, sesame, & honey glazed cocktail sausages, chicken tenders, hot chips and dipping sauces, (Serves 2-3 people) $40

SIDE DISHES - Creamed mashed potato $6 Creamy champ, seasonal vegetables, garden salad, onion rings $7 Deli style coleslaw $5

KIDS MENU - Southern fried chicken and chips $9 Pork sausages with mash or chips $9 Kids parma with chips $9 Penna pasta  tossed in Napoli sauce $8

AFTER DINNER - Salted caramel brownie. Double fudge brownie drizzled in salted caramel sauce, served with vanilla ice cream $12 Irish coffee  $12 Bailey's coffee $12